Summer Vacation!

Yes, it’s summer…at long last.

The temperatures approach 100 degrees, but the cool nights in the mid-fifties balance the heat of the day, keeping the house refreshingly cool. All essays are graded and returned to students. All Brave Writer classes are completed and feedback from parents taken thoughtfully into account. My last task is to send in our three boys’ final grades to our PSP, Heritage Christian School, by June 29.

Most books are purchased for next year; I only need to order a few ABeka workbooks, quiz books, and test books, but we have everything else we need for next fall, thanks to our PSP’s used curriculum sales at the end of Class Days.

So while I plan to rest this summer, rejuvenating myself for our mid-August start of school, I hope to finish writing a book for sale on Brave Writer: a guide for writing the MLA Research Essay, written directly to high school students. Based on my MLA Research Essay course at Brave Writer and on teaching the MLA essay for the past 19 years at Point Loma Nazarene University and Heritage Christian School‘s various writing courses, I hope to have a rough draft completed by mid-July and perhaps a final draft by September 1. We shall see.

So what does next year hold? Our boys will be in grades 6, 9, and 11. It also looks like I’ll be tutoring 2-3 students in my home on a weekly basis (not counting my own students). I’ll be teaching only one course at Class Day: the college prep Intermediate Writing class which requires much grading, thus the permission to teach only one class rather than the required two classes.

At Brave Writer, I’ll be again teaching the MLA Research Essay, the Groovy Grammar and Playing with Poetry family workshops, plus the Shakespeare Family Workshop. In addition, I’ll be teaching a high school course in Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice. This year I’ll also be adding two Literary Analysis classes: one this fall on Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery and one in the spring on Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women; both novels rank in my Top Five Favorite Novels, and I know them well. Teaching them should be fun!  

I also hope to be adding more families to my online grading service. I return all essays within a three-day window with copious comments for a mere $5/page. It’s really a bargain for those homeschooling parents who aren’t sure how to grade their students’ formal essays, especially for those students in high school. I’ve been grading papers since 7th grade and formal essays for over 20 years; I furnish much encouragement in addition to corrections so that students know what to continue to do as well as what to improve in their writing.  

So these are my plans for summer and the coming school year. I hope that I can help many of you with grading your students’ work or teaching courses through Heritage Christian School‘s East County II’s Class Days or Brave Writer‘s language arts courses.

So, helloooooo summer!!! We welcome the rest you bring as we also plan for fall.

All the best of summer to you,


About susannebarrett

I am a voracious reader, a dedicated writer, an occasional poet, a passionate educator, a contemplative Christian, a puttering gardener, an uncertain photographer, a fan of all things bright and British, a newbie genealogist, and, best of all, wife to an artistic genius and a homeschooling mother of four incredible young people. I write poetry, fiction, fan fiction, nonfiction, plus multiple blog and journal entries.
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