Spring Classes at Brave Writer

This spring I am teaching two online classes at Brave Writer, both related to the study of Shakespeare and his works.

The first one, which started April 11 and finishes May 6, is a high school analysis course of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. In this class, students will study Shakespeare and his life and works, the Elizabethan Theatre scene of his time, and Shakespeare’s language before delving into the background sources for Macbeth. Then we’ll read and discuss the play act by act as I provide a summary of each act and discussion questions that will allow the students and I to interact freely as we analyze aspects of the characters, plot, language, and themes. We’ll finish the class by watching a film version of Macbeth and writing an expository analysis of Macbeth; the students will have several essay topics to choose from. I will offer constructive criticism while the students will also interact with one anothers’ posted essays. And all of this online interaction occurs in the safe and brand new Brave Writer Classroom.

The second online course is a Family Shakespeare Workshop. Designed for moms to then teach their kids of differing ages, this class will involve a study of Shakespeare’s life and times, offer a hands-on exploration of the Elizabethan Theatre (specifically the Old Globe), recognize the differences between Shakespeare’s language and our own, and then will cover Shakespeare’s sonnets and some famous scenes and soliloquys from several plays with accompanying discussion and family activities. This class starts May 9 and ends June 3 and also takes place in the new and private Brave Writer Classroom.

So check into one or both of these fun and instructive online courses! It’s spring, and Shakespeare is a-blooming all over!!

Will-ingly yours,  


About susannebarrett

I am a voracious reader, a dedicated writer, an occasional poet, a passionate educator, a contemplative Christian, a puttering gardener, an uncertain photographer, a fan of all things bright and British, a newbie genealogist, and, best of all, wife to an artistic genius and a homeschooling mother of four incredible young people. I write poetry, fiction, fan fiction, nonfiction, plus multiple blog and journal entries.
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